Thirlmere 2011 Rally Picture Gallery

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The Thirlmere Steam festival is held every year and a special train travels from Sydney carring revellers to the festival.
Thirlmere is also the site of the largest steam rail museum in the country
The main street is lined with many stalls selling all sorts of wares and a street parade is held in the afternoon

A member with his newly built organ The member with a rear view of the organ A strange contraption that appeared to play fairground organ music- but it was an old engine with a generator driving a CD player!!
A Tangley calliope
The organs on parade
The street parade included a pipe band
A member driving a steam car at the head of the parade
The "Lionheart" member built 92 key Mortier style
A rear view of the "Lionheart"
The "Flying Pieman" built by the same member
The Palings music company imported this German built street organ
The AMOS T-shirt
The Thirlmere welcome sign
A 20-note Raffin with the proud owners
A different Raffin busker organ
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