Horsham 2011 Rally Picture Gallery

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The venue for the 2011 AMOs rally was the Horsham Botanic Gardens

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Miss B and Friends -musical robots! The Botanic Gardens setting A member explains the workings of his modified John Smith design- A new member demonstrates a small organ amongst his collection of small reed organs
A couple of members with "Miss B and Friends- just for laughs"
Some of the Members and a Tangley Calliope with a Raffin 20-note on the left
The "Tyrolean" 37 key Derek Dean built organ
A brass band was there - some competition!
A "Preacher" barrel reed organ - played hymns to country congregations
The "Wagonmaster 36 note organ
A 20 note special
Another 20 note John Smith design
A Wurlitzer 125 street organ
The "Golden Clog" Stuber organ
The Botanic Gardens venue
The "Berber Maria" 52 key Decap Fairground Organ
Another 20-note Smith Busker
The"Wild Rose" Castlewood busker
The "Flying Dutchman" Stuber organ
An interesting old German busker
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