Corowa 2016 Rally Picture Gallery

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The 2016 AMOS Rally was held at Corowa, on the banks of the Murray. Members played in both Rutherglen & Corowa & we were fortunate with the weather after floods during the previous week.

Unloading busker organs at the Rally start...
Organ "De Troll"
Corowa Rally organisers with their Raffin reed organ
Raffin Trumpet organ & owner
Anyone for a Hurdy Gurdy tune?...
A Stuber organ with its enthusiastic owners..
A Corowa resident proudly displays her home built organ "Little Rosie"
1989 built Gebroeder Decap 52 key organ was the largest organ at the Rally
A 52 key home-built large organ from Canberra
The proud owner of this recently finished organ with a spectacular front!
A very old barrel piano and small busker organ presented by Mary
Another fine home built organ with enthusiastic members from Victoria

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