Welcome to the website of the Australian Mechanical Organ Society (AMOS). Our musically minded members come from all over Australia, and also from New Zealand and the UK. Most of our members own mechanical organs of various sizes - from the smallest busker organs to larger portables and mighty stationary instruments. Some organs are historic, while others are of recent construction, having been built either by one of our enthusiastic members, or by one of the few remaining mechanical organ businesses in the world.

Our upcoming event is in Griffith in October 2022. Details are as follows:


The Australian Mechanical Organ Society (AMOS) has chosen Griffith to hold its annual rally. The Griffith Spring Fest is the only place to be in October 2022. Together, the Citrus Sculptures, the Multicultural Festival, the Open Gardens, Markets and Pioneer Park Museum and our mechanical organs will provide a feast of entertainment over the weekend of 15 - 16 October, 2022

1) AMOS will be holding its annual Organ Rally in Griffith from the 15 to 16 October 2022. AMOS members all share a love of Fairground & other mechanical organs.
2) Many of the members have built their own organs, some large, decorated organs permanently mounted on trailers, some with well over 100 pipes.
3) Others are small portable organs that may have as few as 20 pipes and which are played by hand-turning small paper rolls through the organ or operating by means of a a pinned rotating barrel.
4) Approximately 35 members, with 6 larger mechanical organs, some on trailers, and 18 small portable organs will be playing their instruments at different venues around Griffith over this weekend.

These organs are a very common sight in European cities, but are not common in Australia.

Visit some of the Open Gardens in Griffith to see and hear these mechanical instruments and talk to the owners about them. Members will be travelling from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia to attend, bringing a range of organs with them to entertain the public.

See you in Griffith on 15 to 16 October 2022.

We invite you to look round our website and contact us regarding membership.


You do not have to own or build an organ to become a member. A printable membership form (in pdf format) is available from the link below. Membership fees from July to June are AUD$40 for a full member and AUD$20 for an associate member living at the same address as the full member.

We have negotiated a favourable Public Liability insurance which covers members participating in AMOS approved events.

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